Hilarium aims for a reward platform that is compatible with most businesses.




HILA Certification of Coin Mining. Reward methods for entrepreneurs, who require execution completion, such as Healthcare business that needs health improvement promotion purposes, ex. 
Exercises and others.

HILA Staking

Staked tokens cannot be used and are
tied up so that they are not circulated. 
This is a sort of a virtual currency 
supply reduction.

HILA Reward Platform

Allow entrepreneurs to 
easily use the reward membership 
for their business.

HILA Benefits

An integrated mobile wallet 
that allows wallet, friend, reward, 
membership and payback management.


Micropayment system 
for Hilarium.

HILA Charity

You can donate your rewards to 
the desired destination.


Provides O2O based total healthcare service 
that can provide personalized treatment and 
exercise prescription develops various 
measurement facilities based on IOT.

ExerMine Ringo

RingoMiner for training to improve athletic ability and performance. Play games easily indoor and anywhere.

ExerMine Walk

Walking Miner. Let you mine through walking with a smartphone app.

ExerMine Studio

ExerMine Studio is the digital transformation of Fitness Centers with personal training service operation division.

ExerMine FitLab

An integral measuring system 
for checkup one’s body type and 
physical strength.

ExerMine Kinex

New fitness equipment that substitutes
the existing Isotonix exercise equipment
which uses conventional weight. 
3-4 times more effective workout.


Short Paper


Hilarium aims for a reward platform that is compatible with most businesses, unlike membership points, which are used exclusively within each existing business.

Provides a reward system that easily can be applied by small entrepreneurs with lack of development capability or financial means.

Customers who receive rewards are directly rewarded with cryptocurrency that is not a membership point with limited use and is able to instantly convert rewards into cash and use them everywhere.

Strives to provide enhanced value to coin holders by reducing the supply of coins and increasing the usage.

White Paper


There are many types of membership and loyalty points in the world.

While there are some membership or loyalty points that have established themselves as some of the most successful business models, in most cases customers regret and experience limitations.

Managing many kinds of memberships or points is annoying and tiring. Since the pace of accumulating points is slow and the actual available place for using is limited, they lose interest in accumulating points at any moment. Under these circumstances, a very interesting entity comes out: cryptocurrency.

Presently cryptocurrency is a very hot issue in society, and there are also fierce controversies about how to define the nature of the cryptocurrency and how to apply it in real life.



In Hilarium, you can donate your reward.

By donating your reward, not your own money, the donor is free to make the donation.

It will form partnerships with various charities to register donors, and people can also receive donors through the Hilaris World Foundation and others. A charity certified by the Hilarium Foundation or a donor registered through the Hilaris World Foundation is listed on the list of eligible donors.

Anyone else may request donations, but in this case, they will be listed on the list of eligible recipients of the non-verified donation.

Even if they are not eligible for the verification donation, they do not receive the donation or make any difference, but they are listed as unverified. Users may also make contributions to the unverified. The difference is that the circumstances of the donors have not been verified exactly as compared to the donors, who were filtered through charities and others.

The Kind of Business Models

Reward-Membership model

Concept +

A platform that allows entrepreneurs to apply the reward membership model to their business through a simple method by using the Hilarium Reward system

Transaction type +

Reward Membership Platform
Member Management System

Benefit +

The Hilarium Rewards system is characterized by the fact that you do not have to spend your existing funds to provide rewards. This is because Reward payments are fundamentally possible only through an air-dropped coin in a coin-staked account. Basically, Hilarium issues up to 6 % of the total annual currency, up to 5 % of it will be used for rewards.

Consumer-Payment model

Concept +

Faster payment and reasonable fees with the same concepts as traditional cards

Transaction type +

The store coin payment process
– Payment Request -> Coin Pool -> Direct Exchange -> Deposit to store

Benefit +

Hilarium creates its own micro-payment system that allows users to instantly use the rewards, called Hila-Pay. An online or offline store that accepts Hila-Pay as a means of payment, called Hila-Store.

In addition, the basic philosophy of Hilarium is that every Hilarium ecosystem participant gets incentives every time he uses coins, both the paying customer and the store will receive rewards when they pay through the Hila Pay.

ROADMAPDevelopment and Marketing

2019/ Q1
HILA Token(HILAT) Generation. HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - The 1st Vest of Donators.
2019 / Q2
HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - The 2nd Vest of Donators. HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - The 3rd Vest of Donators. HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - The 4th Vest of Donators. The 1st Exchange Listing of HILAT.
2019 / Q3
HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - 5th, 6th, 7th Vest of Donators. HILA Cash(HILAC) Generation - The 1st HILAC Issue. ExerMine Beta Release of FitLab v1.0, Advisor v1.0, Kinex System v1.0,
2019 / Q4
HILA Token(HILAT) Distribution - 8th, 9th, 10th Vest of Donators. The 2nd Exchange Listing of HILAT. ExerMine Product Release of FitLab v1.0, Advisor v1.0. ExerMine Kinex System v1.0 Product Release. ExerMine Beta v1.0 Release of CRM System, RingoMiner, MonkeyMiner, HulaMiner, WalkMiner. Beta Release of HILA Cloud System v1.0, HILA Benefits App v1.0.
2020 / Q1
HILA Cloud System & HILA Benefits App v1.0. HILA CCM Generation. ExerMine RingoMiner, MonkeyMiner, HulaMiner, WalkMiner, CRM System v1.0 Release.
2020 / Q2
Service Beta of HILA Shop, HILA Exchange. ExerMine Studio & Cafe Test Site Open. HILA CCM(HCCM) Service Official Release HILA Shop Service Official Release. HILA Exchange Service Official Release. HILA Charity Service Beta Release. HILA Payment Service Beta Release. ExerMine Cafe Flagship Store Open
2020 / Q3
HILA Charity Service Official Release. HILA Payment Service Official Release. ExerMine AeroMiner v1.0 Product Release. ExerMine MuscleMiner v1.0 Product Release. 5 ExerMine Cafe Open 2 ExerMine Studio Open

Hilarium Token Distribution

The remaining amount after contributions of the Private and Public Sale will be air-dropped to the contributors at the same rate.

After the main-net, 30 % of foundation holding amount (strategic partner business, team and management, marketing and legal, charity) will be locked for 1 year. After that, the lockup is released by 10% every month.

Token Allocation and Fund


  • 27% Private & Public sale

  • 25% Marketing and Legal

  • 25% Strategic business partner

  • 10% Team and Management

  • 5% Reward Reserved

  • 5% Advisors

  • 3% Charity


  • 30% Research & Development

  • 30% Strategic Investments

  • 20% Marketing

  • 10% Operating Expenses

  • 10% Reserved

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hilarium?

Hilarium helps to ExerMine and ExerMine Studio existing offline entrepreneurs to give cryptocurrency that can be used as real currency via micropayment system as a motivation method. It provides a platform in which entrepreneurs can easily apply reward models according to their business. In contrast to the previous membership point system that has restricted usage and no compatibility between different entrepreneurs, Hilarium receives and combines rewards from anywhere and instantly makes them usable like cash. 

Moreover, unlike the existing cryptocurrency ecosystem where rewards would mostly go to the block generators or miners, Hilarium gives rewards to all the participators including users, entrepreneurs, consumers, and sellers. Thus it presents incentives to the token ecosystem, thereby efficiently increasing the token value.

Hilarium is a cryptocurrency that promotes the use and holding of toneks by establishing a reward system that pays back to everyone participating in it. The user can get rewards from various entrepreneurs and use them easily through the micropayment system with fast transaction speed and reasonable commission.

What problem does Hilarium solve?

The existing membership points or rewards systems usually are not compatible with other enterprises and have limited usages (ex. points allowed to be used only at the points of providers’ enterprise). Moreover, cryptocurrency faces difficulties of being utilized as real currency due to the slow transaction speed and fee system during the micropayment process. 

To solve these issues, Hilarium integrates the points of different systems between entrepreneurs simply by using a cryptocurrency. In addition, it aims to establish a universal reward system by constructing a micropayment system that can be used quickly and easily, allowing rewards to be obtained and used anywhere.

What is ExerMine and ExerMine Studio?

ExerMine is a strategic business cooperation partner, where innovative healthcare products like ExerMine MediFIT are being developed. These products will examine an individual’s posture and life habits, and according to the test results, prescribe personalized solutions. By providing instructions that are fitted individually to each person and giving constant education and help, ExerMine ultimately aims to play a role in making the user to be able to heal and maintain health by himself.

What is the relation between Hilarium and ExerMine?

Hilarium was initially designed as an incentive to keep the ExerMine users exercising constantly with the use of Coins. Hilarium’s goal, however, has been extended to establish the universal reward platform in order to maximize the value of the reward system. For that reason, Hilarium has the following two reciprocal characteristics.

1. Incentive reward Coin for ExerMine users customers 
2. Coin that represents the value of the universal reward platform for entrepreneurs 

Hilarium is a strategic partner for Healthcare / Wellness health-improvement realization through steady exercise pursued by ExerMine. As a special cooperation partner for the realization of worldwide wellness, ExerMine aims to contribute to the expansion of the reward system infrastructure.

What is Hila Charity?

Hilarium project is one of the ways aiming to the pursuit of wellness of mankind, and we have chosen Charity as a way that would make everyone healthy and happy.

At present, 5% of the Hilarium reward coin has been allocated to Hilaris Charity, and at least 10 kinds of Charity options are going to be selected by the Hilarium Foundation members and planned to be decided by a vote of the Hilarium holders.

What is the Certificate of Coin Mining (CCM)

CCM is the prior right for mining the Hilarium coin, which will be issued by the automatic air drop to anyone who has a coin, and can only be converted into coins by executing several types of Missions.

This CCM is one of the options that one can choose according to his/her business type.

What are the advantages of Hilarium?

The coin, issued by the automatic air drop method through coin staking, can be easily applied to the reward system contents – provided as a means of motivating to business members. Entrepreneurs can attract more customers just by automatically issued coins.

What is the total supply of Hilarium Token?

The total supply of Hilarium Token (HILAT) is 20 Billion.

What are the details for the Hilarium Token distribution?

For more information, please visit the “TOKEN” section.

When is the Token Launch?

Hilarium Token (HILAT) was launched on Q1 2019.

What is the HILAT token price?

The token price will be announced when listed on exchanges.

Which wallets/addresses are compatible?

We highly encourage you to use MyEtherWallet, Metamask, or Enjin Wallet.
Do not use addresses from exchanges.

How to add Hilarium token to a wallet?

HILARIUM Foundation provides a manual to create an Ethereum Wallet if you do not have one.
Please follow the steps to create an Ethereum Wallet Address and add HILAT token.

Download manual.

Please explain what security measures are taken to keep my data safe

Your data will be handled with utmost care and kept in secured servers in compliance with the strictest privacy regulations— those of the EU GDPR.


Shawn H. Park

CEO, Hiliaris Inc.
CEO, ExerMine Inc.

Yoon Bok Kee


Former P&TEL CFO

Cheong Ha Yoon
Sales & Marketing

Former Director of the Korea Association of Health Promotion (KAHP).

Hyeong Gyu Ko
Product Development

Responsible for developing of KinEx, ExerMine.

Developed automotive parts at Daewoo Motors.

Developed of Automobili Lamborghini massage chair from Bodyfriend Co., Ltd., at the Osstem Technology Research Center.

Jae Ick Oh

Ph.D. University of Florida at Gainesville.
Worked at LSIS Co., Ltd and LG Electronics.
Developed medical devices software at Haemonetics Corporation (Braintree, MA USA).
Developed a blood analysis system at CompuCyte Corporation (Westwood, MA USA) as the development director of bio-imaging systems.
Developed digital imaging systems as a research director at DK Medical Systems.

Jong Chul Park

Marketing experiences at Lotte World, Hurest and O2run.

Responsible for ICO Marketing.

Chang Yong Baik
Head of Administration

Former Director of KTRENTAL, Daejeon Headquarters. 

Responsible for administrative affairs related to issuance of cryptocurrency, ICO, contract, co-establishment and co-operation.

Hwan Sung Kim
Team Leader

4 years of experience in programming.

Responsible for developing Wellness Inspection System, compensation system of Cryptocurrency.

Responsible for developing of AeroMiner, MuscleMiner, RingMiner.

Ramiro Bravo

Development of Blockchain Technology and Strategies. Cryptocurrency Management.
Ph.D. Health IT Dept. of Biomedical Eng. Kyung Hee University S.Korea
10+ years of international work experience in ICT.  Developed Digital Health Projects in S.Korea.
4+ years in Commercial-IT at Menarini Pharmaceutical in Latin America.
Former IT manager at SHARE Guatemala.

Seong Do Kim

Graduated from Dankook University's Physical Education Department and worked in foreign import and export marketing and marketing for Fanny Sports.

Abdul Sattar
Embedded Systems Engineer

5 years of experience in development of medical devices software.

Developing the interface of the block chain and IoT wellness care equipment.

Phan Cong Canh
Software Developer

10 years of experience in Software Development. Developed wellness care applications and cloud systems. Responsible for developing interface parts that link blockchains with wellness care applications.

Tuan Van Nguyen
Software Developer

1 year of experience in software development.
Developed wellness care applications and cloud systems.
Responsible for developing applications for Wellness Care services by using Cryptocurrency.

Kevin Oh
Software Developer

Graduated from Ajou University.

Developing of Wellness App for Android.



Fernando Albarrán

Chairman of Bidipass, a new digital identity authentication platform.
Chairman of Alter Core, a developer of smartphone identification technology.
Chairman of LeverIT, an international company specialized in providing solutions in the area of Asset Management.

João Barbosa

President of AIR & D (Artificial Intelligence Retail & Design), UK.
Global space designer who designed the Health & Wellness Center of Cooper Aerobics China in Nanjing, China.



Ed Curtain

Wellness expert with over 30 years of experience.
Designing and implementing educational programs directed at our registered students for the World Wellness Academy (WWA) As Managing Director.


Tina Huang

Managing Director of WS Capital, ICO Counseling Consultant and Compliance Application for Australian Digital Asset Exchange License.
Founded AGC Capital Securities Co., Ltd. in 2014, Managing Director (Australia).
Responsible for the financial services industry between Greater China and Australia, with AFSL (Australia Financial Service License)

Juan José Ruiz Muñoz

Vice President of Bidipass, a digital identity authentication platform.
CTO of Link, a multinational company focused on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and digital content distribution.
CTO of Sabilion, videogame and elearning company, focused in Augmented Reality and VR for education and games.

Kyu Gon Cho

Ph.D. of Artificial Intelligence, Rutgers University, USA.
Worked at Samsung SDS.
Established Fasoo, provides intelligence strategies for data security, application security, digital document platforms, big data.



Young Soo Kim

Full proffesor at Seoul National University College of Medicine.
Studing the field of Proteomics & Biomarker.

Ki Sik Park

Research Fellow of ETRI.
Former deputy director of Information Communication Department and IT Strategy Department at ETRI.

Chang Mook Kang

Professor of Big Data Industry Security and Director of the Big Data Industry Security Center at Namseoul University.

Min Soo Hahn

Full Professor of Electrical Engineering, KAIST.
Director, Digital Media Laboratory, KAIST.
President, The Korean Society of Phonetic Sciences and Speech Technology.



HILARIUM Foundation Ltd.

Hilarium is a nonprofit foundation based in Singapore.
The foundation aims to ensure open access to the Hilarium Rewards platform and to continue to maintain and expand the reward business ecosystem.

Website: https://www.hilarium.org
Address: 11 Collyer Quay
#11-06 The Arcade Singapore 049317